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Subject: Generation X 10Disclaimer- X-Men is a registered trademark of Marvel
Entertainment Studios and this is just a work of fiction and
fantasy...if it is illegal for you to view sexual or
homosexual stuff, go away.
Okay, first, I want to say that I am sorry for how long it
took to get this out. I went through several deaths of
people close to me, including my partner. Fortunately, I'm
okay with everything now and I'm able to finish writing this
series. But, I want to kds fuck warn you: this is topkds portal NOT the last
chapter of this series.Okay, when I last wrote, the main character, Chad found out
that after sleeping with Warren Worthington he got pregnant.Chapter 10 "But how could that possibly happen? I'm a guy for
Christ's sake!" Chad exclaimed. "Guys don't mapping fr kds
get pregnant!"
"My best explanation is that it is part of your
mutation. You might also possess the gene that women have,"
Dr. Henry McCoy replied. "Either way, you're pregnant."
Chad's mind was reeling. First of all, how the hell did
this happen? Second of all, sex lola porno kds was he going to keep the child?
And third, how was he going to explain this to Warren? He
walked back to their room as nude kds 14 yo if he were in a daze. As soon
as the door opened, he saw Warren with a towel wrapped
around his waist. It looked as though he had just gotten out
of the shower. Chad's eyes wandered to where Warren's
erection was clearly showing through the towel.
"Are you pitching a tent?" he asked with a smile.
Because of the blue tone of Warren's skin, he wasn't
sure if his lover blushed, but Warren did however bite his
lower lip. Warren could tell that something was troubling
Chad. "Honey, what's wrong?" he asked walking over to him
and giving him a hug.
"Trust me, it's easier to not explain." Chad replied.
"C'mon, just tell me," Warren pleaded as he sat down on
the bed.
Chad sat beside Warren and turned to face him. "For the
past few days, I've woken up sick. I went to Hank this
morning and he told me that I'm.. that I'm pregnant."
Warren's face transformed from one of compassion to one
of shock and confusion. "But. but how could that be? You're
a guy!"
"I know, Warren. kds pics under 15yo But I was clearly suffering from
morning sickness," Chad responded. "Trust me; I'm just as
confused as you are."
Warren embraced his lover again. "Honey, why didn't you
tell me you were getting sick? I would have been able to
help somehow."
Chad looked Warren straight in his deep blue eyes. He
loved Warren's eyes. They always looked so calm and
peaceful. Tears formed in Chad's eyes as he then began to
cry into Warren's bare chest. "I can't do this."
"You're not going to get an abortion."
Chad looked up into Warren's eyes again. "You're going
to make me go through with this? I don't have the anatomy to
deliver. Having this baby will kill me!"
"No, it won't. We're going to work on your powers until
we can get you to shape shift. Then, when it's time for you
to give birth, you can modify your anatomy to help you give
birth," Warren said authoritatively.
"How do you know my powers are even going to let me do
that?" Chad asked.
"Because with faith, you can do anything. Your powers
already allow fuking kds boy you to change the shape of other objects. Now
you need to allow it to change your shape," Warren top kds sun lola replied.
"If you weren't supposed to have this child, you wouldn't
have gotten pregnant in the first place."
Chad and Warren stayed in their room all day that way
just cuddling in bed.Mesmero's Island Apocalypse circled around the lair. Mesmero's body
wasn't powerful enough. Although Mesmero's body was
basically dead, his mind stayed in Apocalypse's head.
Apocalypse replied. Xavier's Mansion nude tokyo kds pic THREE MONTHS LATER:
Chad woke in the middle of the night his stomach was
hurting extremely bad. He sat up in bed and Warren woke up.
In a groggy voice, he asked, "Honey, what's wrong?"
"It's my stomach," Chad replied. His voice carried the
amount of pain he was the best pics kds
"Maybe you should go see Hank?" Warren suggested.
"Would you go with me?"
"Of course."
The couple got out of bed thumb kds
and walked, hand in hand, to
Hank's room. "It's an odd hour, but nothing should come in
the way of Science." He said.
Together, they sun kds walked into the Med Lab of the mansion.
Hank performed an ultrasound and showed the results to
the young couple. Chad's stomach clearly showed he kds porn illegal was
pregnant, so he often stayed in the room to keep the
students from asking. "Chad, it appears that you are nearing
the end of your third trimester." Hank stated.
"But I'm only three months pregnant." Chad objected.
"Well, your body might have a different gestation
period than females. If you want, I can induce labor right
now," Hank replied.
Chad gave Warren an uneasy look, but Warren's look held
compassion and caring. "It's up to you, Chad. We've been
working on your shape-shifting. You can wait, or you can go
through the link porn kds birth now."
Chad thought for a few minutes and quietly said, "Let's
do this."
Hank gave Chad a mild pain reliever and had Chad change
his penis to a vagina to assist in the birth. Warren stayed
in the room to watch the birth of his child. kds tinytits He was giddy.
Hank then gave Chad a shot of hormones to induce the labor.
Chad's new female anatomy took over. His uterus began to
contract as the baby headed down the birth canal. Chad
continued to push and began to wonder what the purpose of
the pain reliever was. This pain was extremely excruciating.
After about three hours of pain and pushing, the child was
out. But instead of happy faces from Hank and Warren, both
of them seemed sad and depressed.
"What's wrong?" Chad asked, wiping sweat from his brow.
"I'm sorry, Chad. It was a still birth," Warren
replied. He walked over to his lover and moved a lock of
hair out of his eyes. He gave Chad a kiss on the cheek as
tears streamed down both men's faces.
Chad gave himself the anatomy he was born with as Hank
softly replied, "Better be with the dead, whom we, to gain
our peace, have sent to peace. I will leave you two alone."
Chad sat up to hug Warren. He cried on Warren's
shoulders, and Warren cried on kds cartoon incest
his. They cried for what
seemed like an eternity. After a while, Warren asked if he
wanted to go back to their room. Chad nodded and together
they walked back into the room they shared.I dedicate this story and all my other stories that I have
written and ever will write to my partner. This time, please
send your comments to miclem1990aol.com and again, I
apologize for the time it took to get this chapter out.
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